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MagSafe for Android: Is It Compatible?

Source:ย Framesira/ Apple created MagSafe specifically for iPhone 12 but then utilized it in the latest models. The MagSafe magnet is embedded at the back of the phone, charging the ...
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Will the iPhone 14 Have a USB-C?

What Does the iPhone 14 Look Like? Colors, Sizes and More

What Does the iPhone 14 Look Like? Colors, Sizes and More

Thereโ€™s a new addition to the iPhone family! The new iPhone 14, which was released on September 7, 2022, has gotten a lot of attention. If youโ€™re an iPhone enthusiast, you will want to know what th...
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Do AirTags Need To Be Charged?

Source: Hadrian/ When youโ€™re looking for a tracking device to put on your belongings or even your pets, you should consider an AirTag. These handy gadgets can help you locate lost o...
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How To Clean Phone Charging Ports: 10 Steps

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Do I Need a New Case for My iPhone 14?

Source: DANIEL CONSTANTE/ The new iPhone 14 comes with a few new cool features, specifically the 48MP main camera and the Crash Detection safety tool. If you're planning to upgrade ...
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Should I Upgrade My iPhone?

Source: DANIEL CONSTANTE/ Is it time for you to upgrade your iPhone? With new iPhones rolling out each year, deciding whether you should upgrade your device can be hard. Whichever p...
How To Keep AirPods From Falling Out

How To Keep AirPods From Falling Out

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How to Protect iPhone Camera Lens