Karat Mother of Pearl Smartphone Cases

Karat Mother of Pearl Cases from Case-Mate
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  1. Twinkle
    iPhone Xs Max
  2. Waterfall
    iPhone Xs Max
  3. Protection Pack
    Protection Pack
    iPhone Xs Max
  4. Power Pad Wireless Charger
    Power Pad Wireless Charger
    Qi Certified Devices
    Special Price $40 Regular Price $60

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Case-Mate Premium Smartphone Cases

Case-Mate is the industry leader in stylish and thoughtful mobile accessories. We use premium materials and functional designs to turn your technology into an accessory to brag about.

Case-Mate has ensured that every design is built to protect as well as fit into your style. Whether it comes equipped with military grade shock absorbing layers or co-molded 10' foot drop protection our products are built to withstand drops from varying heights on a variety of surfaces keeping the integrity of the phone.

Aside from attention to detail and an eye for design, Case-Mate cases, screen protectors and wireless chargers are all covered under warranties that you can count on! This guarantee demonstrates the confidence we have in our products. If you do find yourself needing a replacement, our dedicated customer service team is here to help!