How To Protect Your Phone With A Waterproof Phone Dry Bag

How To Protect Your Phone With A Waterproof Phone Dry Bag

Are you ready for your next vacation? Have you checked your packing list repeatedly and are still left with that ‘I’m missing something’ feeling? You might be missing the liferaft for your phone— the Waterproof Phone Dry Bag. Or maybe you already have one and haven’t taken the chance to figure out how to use it to protect your phone from water, sand, and snow. No worries— let’s go over how to use a waterproof dry bag to protect your phone and essentials on any vacation.

Why Do I Need A Waterproof Pouch For My Phone?

  1. To protect your phone and essentials from water, sand, and snow.
  2. To keep your essentials close with an adjustable shoulder and crossbody strap.
  3. Carrying your phone and essentials in one place makes it the perfect beach bag!

There are so many reasons why you should keep your phone and other essentials safe on vacation with a Waterproof Phone Dry Bag. How will you take pictures of your trip if your phone gets water-damaged? How will you charge it when sand gets into your charging port? How will you make a quick pre-dinner outfit change if your dry clothes are sandy and wet? When you pack the Waterproof Phone Dry Bag, you ensure that your dry bag is IP68-certified waterproof so that your essentials stay safe and dry no matter where you go. Remember, your phone is your lifeline— damages from the elements shorten its lifespan and result in frequent replacements— so an added layer of protection is always a good idea!

Step 1:

Remove your phone case and insert your phone into the inner pocket.

Step 2:

Press to seal the phone pocket.

Step 3:

Insert all your remaining essentials.

Step 4:

Roll down the top of the bag twice and secure the buckles.

Step 5:

Attach the detachable strap onto each D-ring for easy carrying.

Now that you know how to protect your phone on any vacation, you can hop on your flight. Check out some Screen Protectors, Phone Charms, and iPhone Cases to complete your phone’s pretty and protected vacation look. Show off your vacation love by tagging us on Instagram @casemate

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