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iPhone 14 Karat Marble (MagSafe)
Sale price$50
iPhone 14 Karat Onyx (MagSafe)
Sale price$50
iPhone 14 Mother of Pearl Set
Sale price$60 Regular price$80
iPhone 14 BLOX Clear (MagSafe)
Sale price$40
iPhone 14 BLOX Gilded Age Gold (MagSafe)
Sale price$40
iPhone 14 Sheer Crystal
Sale price$35
iPhone 14 Tough Clear Plus (MagSafe)
Sale price$50
iPhone 14 Pearl Stripes (MagSafe)
Sale price$50
iPhone 14 Pelican Protector Black (MagSafe)
Sale price$50
iPhone 14 Pelican Ranger Black (MagSafe)
Sale price$40
iPhone 14 Pelican Shield (MagSafe)
Sale price$70
iPhone 14 Pelican Ultra Glass Screen Protector
Sale price$20 Regular price$30
iPhone 14 Pelican Voyager (Clear)
Sale price$70
iPhone 14 Pelican Voyager Clear (MagSafe)
Sale price$70
iPhone 14 Tough Plus La La Lavender (MagSafe)
Sale price$40
iPhone 14 Wallet Folio (MagSafe)
Sale price$65
iPhone 14 Twinkle Diamond
Sale price$40
iPhone 14 Icebox Facet Blue Gold (MagSafe)
Sale price$60
iPhone 14 Glass Screen Protector
Sale price$30
iPhone 14 Timeless Touch Set
Sale price$50 Regular price$80
iPhone 14 Clearly You Set
Sale price$40 Regular price$65
Sold out
Karat Marble - iPhone 14 Shock absorbing materials reinforced 360 degree protection. 10ft drop protection. shown on iPhone 13. color::Karat Marble
iPhone 14 Karat Marble
Sale price$45

iPhone 14 Cases

Are you ready for the new iPhone 14? If you're focused on all the breakthrough tech upgrades, you may not have noticed that this latest iPhone is physically larger. This means you're going to need a new iPhone 14 case to protect your phone!

Does the iPhone 14 Need a Case?

Think about how much you store on your cell phone. If your phone is damaged, you'll lose irreplaceable data, such as phone numbers, photos, notes, plus whatever you store on the apps you downloaded. It makes sense to get an iPhone 14 case that will protect your device in case you drop it or get it wet.

We Have the Selection You Deserve

At Case-Mate, we have more than 40 different iPhone 14 cases with an array of designs for everyone’s personality. You can also rest assured knowing that the cases will not only protect your phone but will also work with MagSafe accessories, wireless chargers and more. Many of our iPhone 14 cases are shock absorbent and will preserve your iPhone 14 even after a 10-foot drop. If you're a first responder or are in another tough line of work, you might want to consider our bulletproof iPhone 14 case. Suppose you’d like your iPhone 14 case to express your softer side. In that case, you’ll adore our floral cases. If you’re looking for something futuristic, consider a holographic or sparkly design. We have solid colors, too, from matte black to dazzling gold.