4 Accessories She’ll Love: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

4 Accessories She’ll Love: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Or Galentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and all we can think about is finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Some may think of nice chocolates or out-of-budget purses, but what makes the perfect budget-friendly gift that is unique enough to be proud of? Here’s the checklist: something chic, something convenient, and something that stands out— combined, you have the perfect way to show your love. We’ve curated a list of fashion-friendly phone accessories perfect for everyone from new flames to long-term loves, from friends to parents, and maybe a little something for yourself!

4 Phone Accessories To Show Your Love

Glittery Phone Cases

The Twinkle Disco MagSafe Phone Case is a favorite for girls who want a little more from their accessories. The embedded silver iridescent foils catch the light to create an eye-catching reflection sure to stun, even when paired with sweats and a messy bun!

Phone Charms

For the girl on the go, the stylish mom, or the one who constantly drops her phone, Phone Charms offers the helping hand they’re looking for. These gorgeous designs carry the full weight of your phone, so you can let go and keep it by your side all day. Give her the gift of hands-free convenience to show your love!

Styling Tip: Double up on your favorite styles! Attach two Phone Charms to the same connector card to achieve a flawless charm stack that gives the illusion of a bracelet stack.

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Ring Stands

Do you want to show a little love to the girl in your life who loves her phone? The MagSafe Ring Stand is the perfect accessory for the scrolling-obsessed— use it as a phone stand to enhance how she streams her favorite videos or as a grip to get the perfect selfie angle! 

Twinkle Lens Protector

Sometimes, a sparkly outfit and matching case aren’t enough for the glam girl in your life— that’s where the Twinkle Lens Protector comes to save the day. The reflective iridescent sparkles in this lens protector are viral on TikTok for a reason. Apply to your phone by following the easy-to-apply instructions, and remove them whenever you want with the removal tool! These sparkles shield your camera so you can get flawless pictures day and night, all while making any phone case shine!

Find More For Her

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