TikTok’s Newest Trend: The Pinterest Girl Aesthetic

TikTok’s Newest Trend: The Pinterest Girl Aesthetic

What Is The ‘Pinterest Girl’ Aesthetic?

The Pinterest girl aesthetic embodies ‘I woke up like this’ with its TikTok-approved effortless makeup, outfits, and accessories. This category has a lot of variety— the Pinterest girl can go from minimal makeup and lots of layers to smokey eyeshadow and the perfect night-out ensemble. The category is evolving to encompass a wide range of interests, trends, and personas— this aesthetic is meant to be malleable so that you can take what you like and leave what you don’t. Because, after all, it’s just a mindset. Or maybe it's just that unstoppable feeling you get after putting together a perfect outfit with accessories that feel like you.

Who She Is

She’s taking the internet by storm in her Adidas Sambas, vintage Ralph Lauren knitwear, and perfect graphic baby tees with a thrifted digital camera in tote. She is chic but in a perfectly relaxed way. She’s wearing something unique but doesn’t try too hard to stand out, i.e., mixed patterns or a subtle shimmering accessory. Her style is discrete, effortless, and polished. Her room is decorated in organized chaos with knickknacks, perfectly framed posters and art, and TikTok-worthy vintage afghans strewn onto various eclectic furniture— inspired by Dakota Johnson’s Architectural Digest tour. The ‘Pinterest girl’ aesthetic isn’t afraid to combine basics with colorful hues and mixed metals— think Emma Chamberlain, Margot Lee, and Michelle Bao and their effortlessly interesting vibe.

Editor’s ‘Pinterest Girl’ Influencer Picks:

Top Pinterest Girl Accessories

Phone Charm Layers

The ‘clean girl’ trend is out for 2024, and eclectic styles and layers are in. It’s time to embrace the ‘frazzled English woman’ style that everyone is talking about. From scarves, layered bracelets, and lipstick-stained coffee mugs— the eclectic style lets us pause to be human and look cozy in our favorite pieces. To embody the look, we recommend layering up your Phone Charms so that you not only have something that carries your phone so you can go hands-free but also add the extra accessories you want. Plus, mixed metals are back.

Editor’s Note: 

Some of our favorite layers include the Silver Link Pearl Phone Charm with Dainty Gold Chain Phone Charm, the Crystal Pearl Phone Charm with Sugar Rush Phone Charm, and the Boho Crystal Phone Charm with the Sugar Rush Phone Charm.

Maximalist Cases

Since we are embracing a more unique style this year, it’s probably time we come out and say that maximalist Phone Cases have been on our ‘in list’ for years. Of course, as neutral-focused trends swirled through the air, not many people were embracing their beautifully chaotic side. So, let’s quit pretending that glitter, glam, and being referred to as ‘a lot’ doesn’t make us smile a little.

Editor’s Note:

Our favorite maximalist cases are the Twinkle Disco MagSage Phone Case, Floral Gems MagSafe Phone Case, and Touch of Pearl MagSafe Phone Case. But remember, it’s all about the accessories when perfecting your maximalist look— pair these cases with your favorite MagSafe Accessories.

Twinkle Lens Protector

The Twinkle Lens Protector just might be our ‘it girl’ accessory for 2024. The sparkle, the protective nature, and the ‘where did you get that?’ from strangers passing by make us feel like on-brand cool girls. Even when we decide to mellow out on maximalist phone cases and phone accessories, this sparkly Lens Protector is our cherry on top of a gorgeously accessorized outfit.

Editor’s Note:

This may or may not be the secret to getting high-quality Instagram pictures and TikTok videos. 

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