TikTok’s Trending Pink Phone Cases and Accessories

TikTok’s Trending Pink Phone Cases and Accessories

What Pink Phone Cases And Accessories Are Trending?

Pink isn’t just for Wednesdays anymore— millions of people worldwide are embracing this year-round color. While we can’t track down what caused this pink-lover surge, we can guess that it has something to do with the ongoing trend on TikTok of women reliving the girlhood of their dreams. This sweet style, tied in with plushies, ribbons, and ballet flats, mixes coquette with traditional designs to create the perfect lived-in, hyperfeminine aesthetic. So, let’s hit rewind and tell ourselves for the last time that it’s okay to like pink.

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For The Bold Girl

Just because you like pink doesn’t mean that you want pastels. Bold is the way to go, primarily if you typically go for muted and neutral tones. Let’s shake it up and cause a scene with the Neon Watermelon BLOX MagSafe Phone Case!

The Indecisive Girl

Okay, so maybe you aren’t ready to commit to a solid pink phone case. That’s okay— we have options. The Soap Bubble MagSafe Phone Case is made for those looking for subtle flashes of pinks, blues, and purples. Featuring an irresistible, iridescent design that changes with the light, you’ll never have to decide on your favorite hue.

The Coquette Girl

The category is pastel phone cases with a hint of shimmer— and the Iridescent Shimmer MagSafe Phone Case is coming on top. The coquette aesthetic highlights ultra-romantic pieces adorned with glitter, lace, and ribbons. To match the vibe, we crafted the perfect neutral-ish pastel phone case to pair with your favorite pearls, pink silk, and ballet flats.

Our Favorite Pink Tech Accessories

Our favorite way to listen to Lana Del Ray and Mitski is through our AirPods, which we keep in the Gelli Pink Sparkle AirPods Case, of course. Covered in shimmering pink silicone, your AirPods will never get scratched again, so you can continue to listen to your playlist worry-free. It even comes with a silver ring clip to attach to your bag— or a ribbon to show everyone you are the Coquette-style girl.

Note From The Editor: 

The AirPods Case in Twinkle is another one of our favorites. It features reflective iridescent sparkles that catch the light and change color with each when attached to your favorite bag!

The epitome of ‘I’m just a girl’ is that feeling when you lose your keys for the 3rd time this month. Ditch the panic and make tracking your keys, bags, wallet, and more adorable with the Tough Sport AirTag Case in our favorite shade, Blush. Everything is better in pink, right?

Note From The Editor: 

P.S.— Attach it to the Essential Wallet with Strap for the days you want to leave your bulky bag, wallet, and dangly keys behind, making it the perfect accessory for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Top Trending Pink Phone Accessories

I’m sure you could have guessed it, but our bestselling Phone Charms and MagSafe Ring Stands come in many beautiful colorways, including our new favorite shade— pink. Currently, we love the Sugar Rush Phone Charm— especially when paired with the Boho Crystal Phone Charm or Dainty Gold Chain Phone Charm. Just try it— you’ll thank us later!

Have you had enough of these TikTok aesthetics yet? We haven’t! The Mother of Pearl MagSafe Ring Stand is where the coquette aesthetic meets the seaside granddaughter aesthetic, making it our bestselling for a reason. Whether on the coast or in the city, the genuine mother-of-pearl inlay catches the light and reflects the most perfectly pearlescent pink you will ever see. Pair it with the Touch of Pearl MagSafe Phone Case to fully embrace your seaside chic style.

Note From The Editor: 

We may or may not be obsessed with pearls— you decide. The Crystal Pearl Phone Charm and Silver Link Pearl Phone Charm are perfect additions to our Pearl Collection.

Embrace All Things Pink

We stand by the fact that 2024 is the year that we heal our inner child through the things we always wanted growing up— think turning your home into your very own Barbie Dream House, complete with pink duvets, bunny plushies, and floor-to-ceiling fairytale book stacks. Ready to embrace the color of love? Check out the February Edit to find even more pink and purple phone cases and accessories! Follow us on TikTok and Instagram for more ways to style and the occasional Taylor Swift reference. Don’t forget to tag us— we love to see how you accessorize!