How To Make Any Phone Case or Device MagSafe Compatible

How To Make Any Phone Case or Device MagSafe Compatible

How To Make Any Device MagSafe Compatible

To make a non-MagSafe device like Samsung or Andriod smartphones MagSafe compatible, you will need a MagSafe Ring Kit. Also known as a MagSafe Conversion Sticker, a MagSafe Ring Kit is vital in enhancing the functionality and style of any non-MagSafe compatible device. These kits feature a strong magnet with a 3M adhesive backing that will secure it to any smooth case. The easy installation guide helps you align the ring directly onto the center of your phone. The purpose of a MagSafe Ring Kit is to give you the opportunity to experience the benefits of MagSafe compatibility without a MagSafe-compatible device.

How To Make An Older iPhone MagSafe-Compatible

The key to upgrading your phone on a budget is a MagSafe Ring Kit. At a fraction of the cost of a new iPhone, these MagSafe conversion stickers offer the ability to accessorize your Samsung, Android, or Google device with MagSafe-compatible accessories such as Ring Stands or Loop Grips! This might be a well-kept secret, but upgrading your phone every year isn’t always necessary when Case-Mate creates innovative ways to bring new technology and styles to you. 

Apple introduced MagSafe to the world with the launch of the iPhone 12 in October 2020. Since we all know that sometimes it is smart to hold onto your phone for as long as possible, it only makes sense that those with iPhone 11s or earlier generations are holding onto their beloved device without access to MagSafe accessorizing. A MagSafe Ring Kit is necessary to make iPhone 11 or earlier generations MagSafe-compatible in the sense of accessorizing. These kits feature strong magnets that adhere to the back of a non-MagSafe phone case with an alignment guide to ensure the ring is centered. Putting these adhesive stickers directly onto the back of your device is not recommended. Any accessories with adhesive should never be applied directly onto your phone’s backing. Simply align, press, and snap on your favorite accessory!

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How To Make A Samsung MagSafe-Compatible

Samsung lovers, we heard you. Your requests for MagSafe accessories sparked an idea for a magnetic ring sticker that can fit on the back of any phone case, allowing you to connect your favorite MagSafe designs to your phone in a snap. The easiest way to turn any Samsung into a MagSafe-compatible device is with Case-Mate’s MagSafe Ring Kit. This MagSafe Ring Kit features a circular magnetic sticker that attaches to and is hidden by any MagSafe accessory. From Rings Stands to the Stick It! MagSafe Suction Phone Mount— your Samsung phone will never miss out on the fun of accessorizing again!

How To Attach A MagSafe Ring Kit To Samsung Cases

  1. Use a dry rag to wipe the back of your phone case clean. Try to avoid touching the back of the phone case so oils from your fingers don’t get onto the installation area.
  2. Remove the adhesive backing by pulling the film free— be careful to avoid touching the adhesive.
  3. Center the alignment guide over the back of your phone case. The lines on the side of the alignment tool allow you to visualize the center of your case.
  4. Once the center is found, place the magnetic ring in the cutout and lightly press down to secure it.
  5. Snap on a MagSafe accessory!
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How To Use MagSafe Phone Stands On A Kindle

Our Kindle setup would be the same without our MagSafe Ring Kit and collection of our favorite MagSafe Ring Stands. They’re not just decorative— search for Kindle setups on TikTok, and you will see how thousands of readers use Magsafe accessories to elevate their reading experience. It’s as easy as peeling off the protective film backing, aligning the MagSafe ring where you want your grip to be, lightly pushing it on, and snapping on your new accessory! But, just in case you want to see it in action before upgrading, here is a video showing how easy it is to apply a MagSafe sticker ring to your Kindle!

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Our Trending MagSafe Accessories

TikTok loves these MagSafe Ring Stands and Loop Grips for their added grip, but what else has been trending lately? Since its launch, the Stick It! MagSafe Suction Phone Mount has taken the internet by storm with its adhesive-free suction cup design. All you have to do is snap it on when you need it and off when you dont with its strong, built-in magnets. It even comes with an adhesive MagSafe ring for non-MagSafe phone cases and phones. We love having an accessory for any outfit and occasion, so feel free to explore all of our bestselling MagSafe accessories!