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Should I Upgrade My iPhone?


Is it time for you to upgrade your iPhone? With new iPhones rolling out each year, deciding whether you should upgrade your device can be hard.

Whichever phone you get, Case-Mate offers iPhone cases, MagSafe accessories and more. Whether you're a tech junky or tend to keep your phone for years, read on to learn whether you should retire your old iPhone and upgrade to a newer model or keep your old one.

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1. You Can't Manage to Keep Space on Your iPhone

Many iPhone users experience insufficient storage space from time to time. As users download apps and store photos, files and music, storage space can get eaten up rather quickly.

The first thing you'll likely do is delete some of the things stored on your device to free up space. But, if you find that doing this isn't enough, you may need to upgrade your iPhone. Each iPhone has a certain amount of storage space that can be used. Depending on which one you purchased, you may need to upgrade to a new iPhone that offers more storage for your needs.

2. You're No Longer Able to Download the Latest iOS Software

Many older iPhones are unable to download the latest iOS software. Depending on your iPhone's age, this may also be a reality for you.

Some people don't mind not having the latest software from Apple because having new features isn't a big concern. But keeping your iPhone up to date isn't just about having these innovative features. Without having the latest software, you are exposing your device to malware and other security risks.

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3. Your Battery Keeps Draining

Have you noticed that your battery drains faster than usual? Even if your phone was fully charged before you left the house, you might notice that it drains relatively quickly after a few hours of being out. You might even find yourself keeping a wireless charger on hand to combat the issue.

If so, this may mean it's time to upgrade your iPhone. Even though replacing the battery can be an option, upgrading your iPhone may just be easier.

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4. Fixing Your Phone Is Too Costly

One of the most common repairs on any phone is a cracked screen. Luckily, this type of repair is relatively affordable and worth getting fixed. But what happens when your phone is damaged beyond a cracked screen?

If your phone has experienced significant repair issues, the cost to fix the phone can quickly add up. In many cases, repairing your old iPhone may be like buying a new one all over again. This is especially worth considering if you don't have any insurance on your phone and your iPhone is already a few years old.

If you're uncertain whether you should upgrade your device, be sure to get quotes on the cost of your repairs. Then compare these quotes to the cost of upgrading your device. This will help you determine whether upgrading is worth it or not.

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Should I Upgrade My iPhone?: The Choice is Yours

Many people hold on to their iPhones for as long as possible. After all, most iPhones can last you for years without any significant problems. But there are instances when upgrading your device will make the most sense.

If you're having trouble with storage space, you can no longer update your software, your battery is constantly draining or repairs are too costly, upgrading is ideal. However, you will ultimately need to decide when upgrading makes the most sense.

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