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How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

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Ever found yourself desperately needing to use your phone while the battery is nearly dead? Who are we kidding? We’ve all been there. Whether it’s for a dire emergency or you’re just trying to capture photos of an unforgettable moment, you need to charge your phone – and charge it fast! So what can you do to help it along ASAP? Here are a few tips on how to make your phone charge faster and some handy charging accessories to have around.


One simple and effective way to make your phone charge faster is to enable Airplane Mode. Switching your device to Airplane Mode prevents connections and data from being used, including Bluetooth, WiFi and other power-sucking things that are draining your charge. All you have to do is head to Settings and turn on the Airplane Mode toggle. It's as easy as that! Just remember that you won’t be able to receive calls, texts or reach WiFi until you are done charging. If you don’t need to use your phone in the meantime or are not waiting for a call, you could also turn it off completely to give it an extra boost. At the very least, avoid using it.


Charging your phone through your laptop or vehicle via USB port is perfectly acceptable, but it will not charge nearly as swift and efficiently as when you plug it directly into the wall. The average USB port will pull one to two amps of power, but can drag significantly when connected to an alternative power source, reaching more like one-half amp. Instead, use a manufacturer-approved fast-charging cable if your phone allows. 

The only exception to this rule is with a Qi-enabled wireless charger. While most wireless charging power disc pads and power banks might not give you the same charge as plugging directly into the wall, Case-Mate Qi-enabled wireless phone chargers can offer a fast-charging solution that is a bit better. 

Case-Mate Power Discs offer high capacity wireless charging with 10 watts for both Apple and Samsung devices. They even have an LED light indicator that lets you know the job is in motion.


Fast-charging cables are a smart alternative to have on hand, especially if your phone begins to charge slowly – even when connected to the wall. The number of charging cables inside each cable is determined by their size. For example, a 28-gauge cable can provide 0.5 amps, whereas a larger 24-gauge cable offers two amps. 

Case-Mate offers fast chargers that can provide anywhere from 20 watts of charging power to 45 watts of charging power for tablets and other larger devices. Simply connect a USB-C cable to a FUEL Smart Power Regulator and you can charge your phone in no time. Choose a higher 32 wattage for charging two devices simultaneously.


There are many types of external accessories like battery packs and more that can get your phone good and charged in no time. Explore Case-Mate’s collection of external battery packs designed to get you powered up. 

External battery packs are a great accessory to carry around whenever you’re traveling or on the go. They are ideal for those scenarios when you can’t locate a power outlet and need to use your phone. While they may not help your phone charge faster, per se, they are a nice alternative for those emergencies as you seek out a better way to charge. 

The FUEL Wireless Battery Pack offers a 5,000 mAh wireless charging bank with a convenient, magnetic MagSafe compatible profile for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 model series. All you have to do is snap it onto your phone case for a hands-free and portable battery backup system. 

Of course, we also carry more high capacity battery packs and banks like the Fuel Power Bank, which offers up to 20,000 mAh and several USB ports and USB-C ports to connect phones or anything you need. Designed slim and portable, it can slip into a purse or backpack and charge away phones, tablets, laptops and more.


If you often find yourself needing to give your phone a boost with no wall charger in sight, then get yourself a power bank. But more importantly, get yourself a rapid fast-charging phone charger for whenever you finally do hunt one down. And remember how to make your phone charge faster with these tips and tricks.