MagSafe Wallet (Cognac Brown) MagSafe Accessories

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MagSafe Card Holder (Cognac Brown) color::Cognac
Magnetically attaches to MagSafe compatible phone or case. color::Cognac
MagSafe Card Holder on phone. color::cognac
Holds up to three cards or cash. color::Cognac
Slim and compact card holder with built in magnets to work with magsafe. color::cognac
Magnetic Card Holder Works with MagSafe. Snaps to your MagSafe compatible case or iPhone. Securely holds cards & cash. color::Cognac

MagSafe Wallet (Cognac Brown)

MagSafe Accessories

Sale price$30 Regular price$40
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Snap on and snap off! No more forgetting your wallet with the MagSafe Wallet, this magnetic wallet snaps right onto the back of your MagSafe-compatible phone case! Carry all your cards, cash, and IDs in with this sleek phone wallet design, and enjoy having easy access to your essentials.


*Be sure to store your credit cards with the magstripe facing the opposite side of the cell phone to avoid demagnetization.

SKU: CM047368

It's all in the details...

  • Strong built-in magnets snap into place onto your MagSafe compatible case or iPhone
  • Holds up to 3 cards and cash with cut out for easy access to remove cards
  • Made with premium vegan leather
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Compatible with iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 series phones and MagSafe cases