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How Long Do AirTags Last?

AirTags are small tracking devices you can affix to everyday items to track their location. One of their most popular uses is placing them on luggage while traveling so you can easily find your bags. You can also put an AirTag keychain on your keys to make them easier to find. There is even an AirTag dog collar case that allows you to track the location of your pet. Read this blog to know how long AirTags last in certain situations and what to do if the battery is low.

How Long Do AirTags Last With the Original Battery?

As convenient as they are, AirTags will not work if the battery inside fails. Depending on the usage amount, the average life span of an original AirTag battery is roughly one year. If you constantly use the app to pinpoint its location, the battery will drain faster and fail sooner.

Should I Use an AirTag Case?

You can extend the battery life of your AirTag by using an AirTag case. There is a wide selection of AirTag accessories to choose from, so you can find one that fits your life and sense of style.

All of our accessories for AirTags incorporate new, innovative plant-based and recycled plastics into the manufacturing process to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve fossil fuels. Using recycled plastics lessens the demand for limited resources while providing the same high quality as less sustainable materials. We also use 100% recyclable, plastic-free packaging to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

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How Do I Know When the Battery Is Low?

So how will you know when to replace the AirTag’s battery? You will receive a notification when the battery level reaches a critical point. The battery level is also displayed on the app once the charge gets low enough to warrant replacement.

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How Do I Replace an AirTag Battery?

Replacing an AirTag battery is not difficult. AirTags use the equivalent of a CR2032 lithium coin battery as its power source. The steps to replace the battery are as follows:

  • Take off the case you are using with the AirTag.
  • Position the AirTag with the silver cap facing upward.
  • Unscrew the silver cap by pressing down on it and turning it counterclockwise.
  • When the cap is loose, remove it from the surrounding casing.
  • Take out the old battery.
  • Replace it with a new CR2032 lithium coin battery with the positive sign and words facing upward.
  • Replace the silver cap by screwing it back on clockwise until it is secure.
  • When the cap has been reattached properly, the AirTag will sound like a chime.

Get the Most Out of Your AirTags and AirTag Accessories

AirTags are a convenient way to keep track of important things, but you must keep a working battery in the AirTag to keep it operating correctly. The last thing you want is to be in a hurry to find your keys only to discover that the battery in the AirTag attached to them has died. To learn more about AirTags and sustainable AirTag accessories, contact us today!