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Keychain AirTag Case (Gold) - AirTag CaseGold keychain case attaching AirTag to luggage bag. color::Gold
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AirTag Accessories 

Apple’s innovative AirTags can help you find lost items with the click of a button. But you need to place them in a secure and stylish AirTag case first. Case-Mate has the perfect AirTag accessories and AirTag cases to help you do just that. From AirTag cases that slide onto dog collars to Tough Sport Loop AirTag Keychains that easily attach to your gym bag or backpack, Case-Mate offers a wide range of AirTag accessories. That way, you can keep tabs on your belongings, your pet and the things that matter to you most. 

Clip on an AirTag Keychain

Snap your AirTag into the enclosure of one of our stylish and durable AirTag keychains, complete with a heavy-duty ring clip that stays put and can be attached to handbags, luggage, a set of keys and more. The outer shell keeps your AirTag secure and comes in colorful patterns, sparkles and other bright color tones that help you find your items quicker. Clip it. Ping it. Find it. Locating your stuff is that easy!

AirTag Case for Kids’ Bracelets and Dog Collars

Keep an eye on your little ones or pup with an AirTag case, too. Case-Mate offers AirTag accessories like wearable kid-size AirTag bracelets that give parents peace of mind when their loved ones are at the playground or park. Our dog collar AirTag cases are perfect for pet parents! Slide our secure AirTag case onto a one-inch wide collar to keep tabs on your best friend – even at night! Choose from solid colors or a glow-in-the-dark AirTag dog collar so you can spot your pup at night, too. 

Shop Case-Mate Phone Accessories

Using a sticker mount AirTag case or other AirTag accessories? Secure it directly to a bike, electronic or other type of larger case to track down items that get lost or grow legs. With an adhesive backing, you can match it with one of our stylish Case-Mate iPhone cases or tablet cases, too.