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Does Wireless Charging Work with a Case?

Wireless charging has become a common form of boosting the battery on your electronics. But since it’s still relatively new, there’s a lot of questions going around. One such question is, “Does wireless charging work with a case?” 

The basic answer to this question is yes, wireless charging does work with a case attached. Many different kinds of cases, in fact. But there are some additional considerations to make before you go simply choosing any old phone case. Here’s how to choose wireless charging-friendly phone cases and some Case-Mate wireless charging devices to keep your phone, smartwatch, earbuds and more charged and ready at all times.


Here are some features and considerations to make when choosing the best phone case in conjunction with a wireless charging device. 

Beware of Bulky Cases

Generally speaking, bulky cases should have no problem with a wireless charger. But it’s worth noting that sometimes thicker cases can have trouble making contact. Still, even more modern thick cases have taken this into consideration, with brands testing their devices. Case in point: Case-Mate offers some of the most rugged, thickest phone cases, especially with our Pelican collection, yet they still work with wireless charging. 

Stick to Glass Backed Phones

Metal phone cases will definitely disrupt the connection between your phone and a wireless charger. Aluminum phone cases are very durable and robust, keeping your phone safe, but they’re no good for wireless charging devices. This is why Apple’s new iPhone models no longer feature an aluminum shell. Instead, they offer a solid glass back that helps conduct the charge efficiently. In other words, it’s not just about aesthetics. On the other hand, some Android manufacturers have chosen to keep making some phone models with premium, durable materials, skipping the wireless charging capabilities. 

Consider the Charger’s Power

Phone cases aside, it’s just as important to consider how much power your wireless charger provides. An inferior charger won’t put out enough strength to reach your phone through the case. However, wireless charging has been around for quite some time now and you can find high-quality chargers — like Case-Mate’s wireless chargers — that offer a solid and reliable product. Some wireless chargers are so powerful that they don’t require direct contact to charge and only need to be a few millimeters away to initiate charging. 


Case-Mate offers a wide range of wireless chargers and even MagSafe options, charging through iPhone cases and some Android cases like Samsung, which have forgone the aluminum bodies for more convenient wireless charging. Here are our best wireless charging options:


Case-Mate offers phone cases that are designed to work with a wide range of wireless chargers and are Qi and MagSafe compatible. Find the perfect wireless charging phone case today to create a cable-free experience at home, in the car or at the office. 

And don’t forget to get yourself a convenient wireless charger that’s both stylish and functional, offering fast charging for your phone, watch or earbuds. Say so long to cords and cables that junk up the place and say hello to our sleek power discs and multi-purpose power docks.