a dual port wall charger charging a phone and wireless earphones

How to Charge Your Phone On the Go

When you're constantly on the move, it’s easy to drain your phone’s battery before the day is over. Unfortunately, constant commuting and traveling make it all the more difficult to keep your phone’s battery charged while on the go. If your phone’s battery is constantly on empty, here are five different ways that you can charge your phone while on the go — from car chargers to portable power banks:


If you’ll be sitting in a building for a long period of time, then charging your phone via a power adapter is going to be the fastest way to charge it, due to the 120 volts offered by wall outlets. For the quickest charge possible, we recommend bringing a fast charger in your bag and not using your phone while it’s plugged in. Under optimal conditions, it won’t take long for your phone to recharge from a wall outlet. Most recent iPhone models can reach 50 percent battery power in as little as 30 minutes! While we love wireless chargers, they can’t reach these speeds. For the fastest charge, you’ll need to plug your phone in the old-fashioned way.


Got a long drive somewhere? Plug your phone in to recharge! For the fastest charge, make sure that you use a cigarette port car charger that offers the maximum power output, which is 2.1 amps. Pair it with a high quality charging cord to deliver the fastest charging experience possible. Note that the USB ports built into modern cars usually have a very low power output, sometimes as low as 0.5 amps. This means that it will almost always be faster to charge your phone via a cigarette lighter converter as opposed to plugging it directly into the car’s USB port.


If you won’t be near a power outlet or in a vehicle, then your next best bet is to get a portable power bank. In fact, we recommend that everyone have at least one portable power bank that they keep charged in case the power goes out — and it’s a must-have for frequent travelers. Smaller power banks are lighter and more portable, but bigger ones can recharge your phone multiple times. Don’t forget to also pack a power cord so you can plug your phone into the power bank. If you can’t connect them, the power bank is literally just a useless brick.


Can’t keep track of your portable battery pack to save your life? Attach it to your phone with a device like the FUEL wireless battery pack. This MagSafe compatible battery attaches to your phone for fast wireless charging while you’re on the go — no cables required. When your phone is fully charged, simply detach the battery pack and store it in your bag until you need it again. This is a huge improvement over the old battery cases that required you to keep the battery attached to your phone at all times. 


Travel charging stations are the most convenient way to charge multiple devices at once. Unfortunately, they’ve always been bulky and designed for at-home use… until now! Case-Mate is excited to launch our new foldable wireless charging power station. The collapsible design makes the power station much more travel-friendly and reduces the amount of space that it takes up in your luggage. If you’re a frequent flyer who travels with a lot of power-hungry devices, then consider investing in a portable charging station to prevent the need to bring 15 different charging cables.

At Case-Mate, we sell high quality power accessories for smartphones — from colorful cords to fast chargers so that you never have to worry about running out of power ever again. If you order more than $35 of product from us, your U.S. order will ship for free. Don’t be afraid to load up your cart!