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How to Decorate a Clear Phone Case

So you got a clear phone case, intending to show off your phone’s native design. But now that you’ve got the case on your phone, it seems a little… plain. Boring, even. Fear not, because decorating a clear phone case is a great way to create a statement that’s unique to you. Here are eight ways to decorate a clear phone case:


Stickers are the easiest way to decorate your clear phone case. Choose a couple of stickers that you want to showcase, or cover the entire case in a collage of stickers. Most traditional stickers with adhesive backs will need to go on the outside of the case, but if you get stickers meant for car windows that have adhesive on the front, you can place these inside the case to protect the stickers from peeling.


Everyone’s favorite decorative tape is the perfect solution to jazzing up a clear phone. Laying down the washi tape in stripes is an obvious solution, but it can also be fun to do a pattern of repeating squares or to cut the tape into different shapes. To keep the tape from peeling up, fold the ends all the way around the case and tuck them into the back so that your phone will hold them in place.

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If you love your florals, then adding pressed flowers is a great way to channel springtime vibes year round. Blossoms that can be pressed flat are the best choice for this method; bulkier flowers such as roses won’t fit in between the case and your phone. Lay your case face side up and arrange the flowers in the positions that you want, then snap your phone into the case to hold them in place.


Good old-fashioned paper photographs are another fantastic method for sprucing up a clear iPhone case. Smaller, vertical photographs are best because they mirror the dimensions of your phone. You can crop a photo to exactly the dimensions that you need and get it printed at many pharmacies for cheap. Simply trim the photo to fit, place it in the case with the photo facing outwards, and put the phone in the case to hold it in place.


If you like the idea of putting an image behind your clear case, but don’t have a photograph you want to use, a printout of a map is an excellent alternative. Choose from modern or old-fashioned styles depending on the aesthetic that you prefer, then put the map in the case following the same instructions for photographs (above).


If neither photographs nor maps are to your liking, then consider adding an art print to your clear Samsung phone case instead. If you’re not using art that you made yourself, make sure that the image or piece is in the public domain so that you don’t run afoul of any copyright laws. Put the art in the case following the same instructions for photographs and maps.


Regular paint won’t stick to the clear plastic phone case, but nail polish will! If you’re feeling artistic, paint the case with a design of your choosing in nail polish. If you want to paint in layers, make sure to let the first one dry before going over the top of it. Pro tip: Glitter nail polish is best laid down with a dabbing motion to get the glitter to lie flat. Once your design is complete (and fully dry), seal the case with Mod Podge or a similar product to prevent chipping.


If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can attach pretty much any thin and flat object that you want to the back of your Google phone case: buttons, old coins, discarded keys and so on. These objects should be attached using strong, waterproof craft glue and left to dry undisturbed according to the package directions. Check the layout of your objects before you start gluing them to make sure that they won’t compromise your grip.

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