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Here at Case-Mate, we know that a phone case isn’t just something you slip on the back of your phone and forget. It’s a fashion accessory in its own right. A phone case expresses your personality, accentuates your look, and – most importantly – protects your most important technology device. But just because it’s a practical necessity doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.

The trendy phone cases collections we offer each have their own unique style and have attributes, personalities and influences all their own. Which is right for you? Check them out to see for yourself!

RingsKeep your phone safe and secure with our most sophisticated accessory. Available in five of the most beautiful colors and in dotted as well as solid styles, there is the perfect Ring for every case. The strong adhesive ensures your ring will be secure to use as a holder or a stand for optimal viewing.

PocketsAdd a pocket to your favorite case to keep all of your most important things in one convenient place. Coming in velvet, glitter, or one of the most popular shades, the Case-Mate Pockets allow you to hold up to two cards on any flat-back case. Perfect to grab and go for any outing.

Karat Petals - Bring the beauty of nature wherever you thank to our Karat Petals floral phone cases. Made with genuine flowers and flecks of precious minerals encased in clear resin, they are as durable as they are stunning. The best part is - no two are alike! Your phone will truly be one of a kind. 

Waterfall - Want to really turn some heads? Our Waterfall cases give a dynamic snow globe effect to any phone and turn your simple piece of technology into a work of art. Made with mineral oil, this liquid glitter case comes in a variety of colors so you're sure to find one that is perfect for you. 

Mood All the fun of a mood ring with the protection of a Case-Mate. Our Mood collection uses cutting-edge technology to decipher whether you're feeling active, loveable, happy or romantic. This color-changing case is sure to be an eye catcher!

Glow Waterfall Let the beauty of your phone be seen even at night!  The Glow Waterfall collection combines the popularity of our waterfall collection with glow-in-the-dark pieces come in both Purple and Pink. The anti-scratch technology, two piece construction and safe mineral oil make this a protective and well-designed case.

Karat - Our Karat cases put flecks of real gold right at your fingertips! Embossed in clear resin, these gold and rose gold flecks add just a touch of sparkle to your already beautiful phone. And if gold isn't your thing, our Mother of Pearl Karat case has real pearl. Not only that, but each pattern is different so your case is an individual just like you! 

Brilliance With over 1000+ genuine crystals, our Brilliance case is our most opulent yet. Created to be as tough as it is beautiful, there are even refined metal accents designed to protect your buttons. Whether you prefer champagne, rose gold, iridescent or pearl, there's a bit of sparkle available for everyone.

Naked Tough - The original clear case! This Naked Tough platform is stylish and secure making it our most popular collection. We have a variety of colors in this same slim yet protective style from Iridescent to Smoke. And because it's our most popular, this collection is available for the majority of phones on the market today. Check it out! 

Luminescent The Luminescent case features a stunning design of LED lights that illuminate with the flip of a switch. Set against the stylish Rose Gold dual-layer case, this eye-catching case has metal accent buttons for further protection. It also works with wireless charging making the Luminescent case a true feat of technology.

Compact Mirror - Look your best even on the go with the Compact Mirror collection. Available in rose gold, black and iridescent, the compact mirror case allows you to take up to four cards with you in one convenient package. The magnetic tab closure on the back offers secure protection making this the only case you'll need for on the go.

Tough Mag - The Tough Mag collection is the definition of rugged good looks. Available in four colors, this collection has a textured back designed to make - and take - an impact. From sturdier grip to its shock-absorbing layer, this collection has redefined tough from the inside out.

Gilded Glass - Who says the front of your phone can't be stylish? The Gilded Glass collection combines the security of a glass screen protection with the style and elegance you'd expect from Case-Mate. Available in our hottest colors, it's definitely worth a look. 

Wallets And Folio Wristlets - Keep your most important items in one convenient - and stylish - package. The Folio Wristlets are available in rose gold, black and iridescent and can hold up to two cards while also keeping your phone safe. Additionally, the handy wrist strap ensures your phone stays close by at all times. The Black Leather Wallet Folio offers the same convenience of the two-card holder in a sleek and sophisticated package. 

Iridescent Collection - The latest "it" color is now available for your phone. Iridescent is all over the runways and Instagram because of it's beautiful diversity and light-catching style. You can sport this rainbow hue on a variety of phones - from iPhone to Samsung; and on the front or back of your phone thanks to the Iridescent gilded glass. 

Rose Gold Collection - From jewelry to hair, Rose Gold is definitely having a moment. Our 14k Rose Gold cases can cover your phone in this beautiful shade or simply bring a touch of sparkle to your already rose gold phone. No matter which style you pick, you're sure to turn heads. 

Gold Collection - A classic symbol of elegance, gold accessories are always in style. And since your phone is always on your person, doesn't that make it the ultimate accessory? Our champagne and gold phone cases, screen protectors and pockets add a fashionable sophistication to any phone.