iPhone 13 Pro Max Phone Cases


The iPhone 13 Pro Max offers amazing features and functionality, so showcase it in all its glory with an iPhone 13 Pro Max phone case from Case-Mate. 


Available in a huge collection of stylish and practical designs, each iPhone 13 Pro Max phone case features cutting-edge features, highlighting the phone’s innovations. Showcase the sleek 6.7-inch Super Retina SDR display along with the photos, videos and games you view. Take advantage of the MagSafe functionality, securing your iPhone 13 Pro case to a wireless charger on your desk, one of our MagSafe accessories or a distraction-free car phone holder.


Designed with multiple lenses and a top-notch camera, elevate your iPhone 13 Pro Max into a content creation tool. Choose an iPhone 13 Pro Max phone case from our LuMee series, complete with a built-in halo light to improve selfies or create well-lit, share-worthy photos and videos. Or choose an iPhone 13 Pro Max phone case from our trendy Rifle Paper Co. series, featuring charming flower patterns, or from one of our other holographic and glitter-inspired Soap Bubble, Karat Crystal or Karat Marble series. Looking for something more rugged? Secure your iPhone 13 Pro Max with a Pelican phone case, featuring military-grade performance, exceptional impact protection and a lifetime guarantee. In short: a Pelican iPhone 13 Pro Max phone case can take on adventures and life’s everyday hard knocks. 


Need a phone case for a different type of phone? Whether you’re team Apple or Android, discover our entire collections of iPhone phone cases and Samsung phone cases. Team Google Pixel? We carry those, too. Shop Case-mate today!