Sheer Crystal G7 ThinQ

Sale price$40 USD
Sheer Crystal - G7 ThinQ color::Sheer Glam
Clear case with sparkles. color::Sheer Glam
Sparkly G7 ThinQ case. color::Sheer Glam
2 Piece protective design. color::Sheer Glam
Protective fashion case for G7 ThinQ. color::Sheer Glam

Sheer Crystal

G7 ThinQ

Sale price$40 USD

Tiny pieces of genuine twinkling glass crystal reflect light in the simplest yet elegant way. Equipped with our new one-piece construction and anti-scratch technology, protecting your phone from any bumps or drops.

SKU: CM037412

It's all in the details...

  • 10 ft Drop Protection
  • One-piece platform design
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Refined metallic buttons
  • Flexible sides for enhanced grip
  • Lifetime warranty