Pelican Protector Case (Clear) 49mm Apple Watch Ultra

Sale price$25 USD
Pelican Protector Case (Clear) - 49mm Apple Watch Ultra
Clear Case with integrated screen protector for the Apple Watch Ultra.
Ultra Apple Watch sitting on concrete step with clear Pelican case on.
Easy to Snap on and off. No need to remove watch
9H double tempered glass: Shatterproof 9H hardness rated tempered glass. HD Ultra clear tempered glass
Protective hardshell. Protective against drops and scratches
Man rock climbing with Ultra Apple Watch on wrist with Tough Clear Case on it.
Only compatible with Apple Watch Ultra 49mm
Apple Watch with Pelican Tough Clear Case on resting on top of rocks and twigs.
Side view of Apple Watch with the Pelican case.

Pelican Protector Case (Clear)

49mm Apple Watch Ultra

Sale price$25 USD
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The Pelican Protector Apple Watch Ultra case is designed to shield your Apple Watch and screen from damaging scrapes, scratches, and impacts. Featuring a 9H hardness, ultra-clear glass screen covering combined with an ultra-rugged watch bumper creating a seamless barrier that keeps your mind at ease during everyday wear. Get all of your functionality without sacrificing protection.
SKU: PP050780

Built Tough

  • Compatible with 49mm Apple Watch Ultra
  • HD ultra-clear screen covering
  • 9h double-tempered glass integrated screen protector
  • Protective hardshell case protects sides of Apple Watch
  • Easy installation just snap onto Apple Watch
  • 1 Year Warranty