Pelican Protector Bumper (Mauve Purple) Apple Watch 42-44mm

Sale price$20
Pelican Protector Bumper - Apple Watch 42-44mm color::Mauve
Pelican Apple Watch Bumper on arm. color::Mauve
Features Rugged Protection, Seamless Integration, Raised Bezel for Scratch Protection, 1 year guarantee. color::Mauve
Apple Watch with Pelican Protector Bumper detached from it. color::Mauve
Close up of Pelican detail. color::Mauve
Back of Pelican Protector Apple Watch Bumper. color::Mauve
Empty Pelican Protector Apple Watch bumper. color::Mauve

Pelican Protector Bumper (Mauve Purple)

Apple Watch 42-44mm

Sale price$20
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The Pelican Protector Series Watch Bumper shields your Apple Watch from damaging scrapes, scratches, and impacts that could take you offline. The tough TPU construction creates a rugged barrier that seamlessly integrates with your Apple Watch allowing you to have all of your functionality without sacrificing the protection you've come to expect from the Pelican brand.

SKU: PP043400

It's all in the details...

  • Tough TPU construction offers rugged protection for your Apple 
  • Seamless integration enables full functionality of your Apple Watch 
  • Trust the brand Divers, Firefighters, Police, Military and Photographers have depended on since 1976.
  • Fits 42-44mm Series 1-6/ SE Apple Watch