Jelly Puff (Juicy Pear) iPhone 13 Pro Max

Sale price$35 USD
Jelly Puff (Juicy Pear) - iPhone 13 Pro Max color::Juicy Pear
Girl holding green Jelly Puff case. color::Juicy Pear
Up close of top of case with covered camera. color::Juicy Pear
Slightly turned angle of green jelly puffer case. color::Juicy Pear
Sidle angle of puffer case. color::Juicy Pear
Close up of bottom of case with Case-Mate logo. color::Juicy Pear

Jelly Puff (Juicy Pear)

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Sale price$35 USD

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We took our best selling Puffer case and made it even better. Inspired by the inflatable furniture that defined the Y2K era, the semi transparent Jelly Puff case is here to give your aesthetic an upgrade. The bold shades and coordinating lens cover makes this case a staple in your next mirror selfie.
SKU: CM049116-00

It's all in the details...

  • Jelly-like, puffer texture
  • Easy to use tactile buttons
  • Fun & unique design
  • Integrated hard plastic cover over camera lens