BLOX (Clouds) iPhone 12 Pro Max

Sale price$35 USD
Clouds Blox - iPhone 12 Pro Max color::Clouds
Cloud print square case sitting in lap. color::Clouds
Features One Piece Seamless Design, Flexible Sides for Enhanced Grip, Shock Absorbing Materials, 10 ft Drop Protection, Tactile Buttons, Wireless Charging Compatible. color::Clouds
Cloud square case with sharp corners. color::Clouds
Hand holding cloud print square case. color::Clouds
Hand holding BLOX cloud square case over grey fur rug. color::Clouds
Front of BLOX square case. color::Clouds
BLOX packaging. 10 ft Drop Protection. Case-Mate BLOX for iPhone 12 Pro. color::Clouds

BLOX (Clouds)

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Sale price$35 USD

Looking for something totally unique? Inspired by the latest trends, the BLOX collection will set your phone apart from the rest. The sleek, soft touch precision fit will give your look the little something “extra” you’re looking for. Choose from a wide range of stylish shades. The BLOX square cases are total show stoppers.
SKU: CM046512

It's all in the details...

  • 10 foot drop protection
  • One piece seamless design 
  • Flexible sides for enhanced grip
  • Soft shell protective square case
  • Shock absorbing materials
  • Tactile buttons
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Lifetime warranty