4” Ring Light with Tripod Stand Ring Light

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4" RGB Ring Light with Tripod Stand color::Black
4" Ring Light against a purple background. color::Black
Includes Tripod. Adjustable Height 11 3/4 inches.  Laptop Clip Included. 360 degree Rotating Ring Head. High Brightness and Dimmable. color::Black
3 Light Temperature Modes. Warm, Cool, Natural. color::Black
Laptop clip. color::Black
High brightness, Dimmable brightness, lighting modes. color::Black
10 levels of brightness, including low, medium, and high settings. color::Black
Contents Included. color::Black
LuMee Studio 4 inch Mini Ring Light with Tripod Stand. Warm, Cool & Natural Light Temperatures. High Brightness & Dimmable. Tripod & Laptop Clip. Enhanced Lighting to look your best! color::Black

4” Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Ring Light

Sale price$30 Regular price$40
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Give yourself the gift of great lighting while live streaming, vlogging, or doing your makeup with the LuMee Studio 4” Ring Light! The Ring Light features warm, cool and natural light temperatures and comes equipped with a tripod & laptop clip, making it ultra versatile and travel-friendly.
SKU: LM046884

It's all in the details...

  • Adjustable brightness & light temperatures- features warm, cool and natural tones
  • Includes tripod & laptop clip- conveniently mounts to a tripod or directly onto your laptop
  • Lightweight and portable
  • USB-A power cord- 6ft USB-A cable easily connects to laptops, AC adaptors and most USB ports
  • 1 year limited warranty