On most orders*, Domestic and International, you may return item(s) purchased on or for any reason within the first thirty (30) days from the date of shipment for a refund.

Note: Shipping charges are NOT refundable.

We have recently updated our website. Please review the information below to submit a request for a return:

Domestic orders placed AFTER 7/29

If for any reason the item you are asking to return is ineligible and you feel this is an error, please SUBMIT A REQUEST for assistance as described below. Certain items and order types may trigger this and we are happy to assist if needed!

Domestic orders placed PRIOR to 7/29 and all international orders

International Orders are not eligible for an exchange. Return shipping is the customer's responsibility. Returned items would only be offered a refund.


*Cloth masks, Mask Filters, and Cleanscreenz Phone Cleaning Wipes:  These items are not eligible for a return or exchange for any reason due to the personal use nature of the product. If you feel the product is defective for any reason, please conrtact Customer Service within 30 days of purchase.