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IntroducingLuMee Studio

both sizes of ring light with stand
device width icon

4", 10", or 18" Wide

You're in the spotlight! Smaller size is perfect for selfies, and the larger light is perfect for groups.

rainbow icon

Maximum Light Modes

Get creative with colored light settings, special lighting effects and white light modes.

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Device Holders

Record and stream with up to three devices (one device for 10" light). Manual touch and remote controlled options.

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Hands-Free Creativity

Capture and record without the hassle thanks to the Bluetooth Selfie Remote.

portable LED makeup mirror
brightness icon

Adjustable Lighting

Warm, cool, and natural white light modes. Dimmable brightness feature.

magnifying glass icon

Magnifying Mirrors

Bonus 3x and 5x mirrors inside for added accuracy and precision.

battery icon


Charging cable included to ensure all your looks stay lit!

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Travel Friendly

Lightweight and slim design makes it easy to slip in your tote bag and go!

hand holding phone with clip light
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3 levels of brightness

3 levels of brightness to fit any environment.
Low - Medium - High

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Great for phones and tablets

Make sure you're looking on point on your next video call with the most enhanced lighting.

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Charging cable included

High Capacity - Fast Charge
A quick and easy wireless charging experience.

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Compact and portable

Look like a pro wherever your content takes you.

Clip Lights

Clip Lights

18 inch ring light

18" Ring Light

10 inch ring light

10" Ring Light

4 inch ring light

4" Ring Light

Portable LED Mirror

LED Mirror