Creature Pods - Chuck
Chuck CreaturePod


Chuck is the leader of the crew. A self-confident, intelligent, and fast thinking monster. Chuck has an outgoing personality and a quick wit, keeping the rest of our little monsters in check.

Creature Pods - Tricky
Chuck CreaturePod


Tricky is a loud, outspoken, ravenous monster. A free-spirit but quite the trickster. If things seem out of sorts, you can bet Tricky is not far behind.

Creature Pods - Spike
Chuck CreaturePod


Spike is the most endearing monster. Frequently perplexed and puzzled, with a hint of curiosity. Spike is the optimistic one and has quirky qualities that everyone is attracted to.

Creature Pods - Edge
Chuck CreaturePod


Edge is a habitual pessimist and a true grump. Edge is the fiercest of the monster crew and very impulsive. You wouldn't want to be on Edge’s bad side.

Creature Pods - Ozzy
Ozzy CreaturePod


Ozzy is Chuck’s best friend. A scatterbrained, dramatic monster. Happiest when singing and acting, but lives in a world of melancholy when not performing.

Hook Em' Up

CreaturePodsTM can easily hook onto any bag or belt loop keeping them and your AirPods within reach.

Power Up

Whether you need to charge via Lightning cable or a wireless charge, CreaturePodsTM will keep your cute AirPods Case powered with full charging compatibility.