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Pelican Waterproof Pouch

It can be upsetting when you drop your phone in the water or accidentally fall in with your phone. Our Pelican waterproof phone pouch can stop the worry of damaging your phone or valuables.

A case protects your phone from a fall, and the waterproof phone pouch protects it from liquids. Our waterproof pouch not only protects your valuables when submerged, but the pouch has buoyant technology as well.

Details About the Waterproof Pouch

The Pelican waterproof phone pouch is lightweight and can easily hold your phone, ID or other small belongings. The built-in air cushions of the floatation feature stop your phone from sinking out of reach. These pouches even have an IP68 rating to protect your valuables underwater.

Also, each floating pouch has a detachable lanyard. In some cases, the lanyard is bright neon, so you can see the case at night. Using the lanyard can keep your small valuables close to you at all times. In addition to these pouches, you can use our Pelican dry bag to keep your items organized and safe while adventuring outside.

Usability With the Waterproof Pouch

The integrated clear phone pocket in our Pelican Marine waterproof floating pouch allows you to use your phone no matter what life throws at you. You can still use your phone’s touchscreen while keeping it safe from the elements, whether you’re out in a storm or enjoying a boat ride. Our Pelican waterproof pouch fits most smartphones.

Options for Your Waterproof Pouch

You have a few options for our Pelican marine waterproof floating phone cases. It’s available in two sizes, a regular and an extra large. A popular case color is solid black, but there are also various grays and tans. Most detachable lanyards are neon green or orange, but they come in black as well.

Keep Your Phone Safe on Your Adventures

With our Pelican waterproof phone pouch, you can bring your phone anywhere life takes you. It’ll protect your valuables no matter the situation.