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What Type of Phone Case Should I Get? Here are 4 Things To Consider

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Smartphones are awesome pieces of technology that continue to advance each year. However, these incredible phones are quite fragile on their own. Protecting your investment with a case and screen protector is a wise decision if you’re an avid mobile user. Of course, one glance at phone case listings reveals an endless sea of things to consider.

This guide narrows down the most important ideas when choosing a defense for your latest gadget. Keeping the process simple will help you avoid analysis paralysis and choose a product that perfectly fits your needs.


Each phone case is designed with a specific make and model in mind. Not only must you choose the correct manufacturer, but you must also choose the correct version of each phone. For instance, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max have different dimensions and camera placements. The unique form factor of each unit makes two categories of the phone case a necessity. 

Determine whether you need a Samsung phone case, an iPhone 14 case or a Google Pixel case before you do anything. Then, determine which specific phone model you have from your manufacturer. Each product listing can look very similar, so examine the fine print before making purchases.


Another key factor to consider is how rugged your phone case should be. If you frequently engage in wilderness activities such as hiking, then you will want an extra-strength phone case that can endure the elements. Look for ultra-rugged phone cases to find protection that meets your needs. If you closely adhere to a comfortable modern lifestyle, you’ll have no problems choosing a less bulky case. The average case is built to handle the inevitable drops that occur from daily phone use.

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Since each phone model only comes with a few standardized color palettes, a protective case is a perfect way to customize the look of your pocket-bound assistant. Before you fall in love with a specific design, be sure to read the fine print of a listing to determine if the case is compatible with your phone. As mentioned above, iPhone 14 Pro Max cases will have different dimensions than Apple’s base flagship model.

If you find a design you like that does not match your phone, you can search for the name of the design alongside the make of your phone for more accurate results. Most color patterns are available for all phone models, so keep looking until you find the exact item for your phone.


While phone cases are great for protecting the body of your mobile phone, the precious screen is still left wide open to damage. Keeping the screen pristine is vital for both seeing your phone and using the touch controls. You can do this with a screen protector accessory. 

Much like with the cases themselves, your phone model determines which screen protector you should purchase. Make sure the dimensions of the protector will cover your entire screen. Sometimes, you can cut off any extra edges to make a larger screen protector fit perfectly. Some screen protectors also offer blue light protection, which is great if you’re a heavy phone user and wish to preserve your eye health.


No matter which case you decide, protecting your phone is always a smart move. It is best to pick a design you like as quickly as possible to reduce how long your phone goes unguarded. Any compatible case is an upgrade over a defenseless mobile phone, so be sure to acquire this accessory right after obtaining the phone.

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