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MagSafe for Android: Is It Compatible?

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Apple created MagSafe specifically for iPhone 12 but then utilized it in the latest models. The MagSafe magnet is embedded at the back of the phone, charging the phone wirelessly. 

If you have an Android phone, you might be wondering if it’s possible to use the MagSafe feature too. Read on to learn what MagSafe is, why it’s so popular and what Android phones are compatible with it.

What Is MagSafe?

MagSafe has a ring of magnets that stick to a MagSafe charger, allowing you to wirelessly charge your phone via Qi charging: a wireless charging standard most phones adopt. The MagSafe magnet’s purpose is so you can charge your iPhone safely and quickly. 

The differences between MagSafe charging and standard Qi wireless charging are that MagSafe charging is faster, and the phone has better contact with the charger. Some Qi wireless chargers need you to accurately position your phone before getting the full charge. With MagSafe, however, the phone attaches to the charger via the embedded magnet and thus receives full charging power. 

The catch here is that there are two issues with the MagSafe feature. The main issue is that the magnet loses its power when you place a regular iPhone case over it. The second issue is that the new iPhone models, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, don’t fit perfectly over the MagSafe charger because of their different camera sizes. 

MagSafe phone cases can help with this because they have the same circular magnet built into the case. There are iPhone 14 Pro Max cases, iPhone 14 cases and more that have the MagSafe magnets attached to the case rather than the phone.

The MagSafe magnet isn’t just used for charging. You can attach other accessories, such as a small tripod, a car mount, a bike mount and more. 

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MagSafe for Android

Can Android phones use MagSafe? The answer is that only some Android phones, such as the Google Pixel 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, can work with the charger.

Apple created MagSafe for its MagSafe charger, so your universal MagSafe ring won’t charge as quickly.

You can still use the ring to attach accessories. However, MagSafe accessories are made specifically for iPhones, so accessories may not fit perfectly on your Android. The magnet may not work as well through thin cases, so it’s best to place the MagSafe ring on the outside surface of your phone case. 

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Should You Use MagSafe with Your Android Phone?

Even though you can use the MagSafe magnet with some Android phones, it’s best to use it for accessories rather than for charging purposes. As mentioned above, the MagSafe magnet was made specifically for iPhones, so there’s no telling what these MagSafe magnets will eventually do to the interior of Android phones. 

Android phones were designed differently, so you may be risking your phone by using an accessory system that wasn’t built for it. If you purchase universal MagSafe magnet rings, you can attach them to the back of our Case-Mate Samsung phone cases or Google Pixel cases.