What MagSafe Accessories Are and How To Attach Them

What MagSafe Accessories Are and How To Attach Them

What Is MagSafe

MagSafe technology is a revolutionary change to the world of wireless charging known for its ability to deliver a reliable charge through magnetic connectors. Apple released the technology during the launch of the iPhone 12 series. The idea was to make fast, reliable charging accessible to smartphone owners. It allows for easy and secure attachment of various accessories to your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. The magnets in MagSafe accessories ensure a strong connection that stays in place while still being easy to remove when needed.  The Wireless Power Consortium, a multinational technology consortium, describes both MagSafe and Qi as dependable forms of high-speed wireless charging. 

If you’ve ever owned an Apple laptop, you’ve used MagSafe. Apple originally introduced it with the 2006 MacBook Pro, which featured a charger that attaches quickly and seamlessly to the port on the side of the laptop via a magnetic connector. This design is safer than a standard connector because it easily disconnects if pulled, cutting down on cord, battery, and device damages.

Read more about MagSafe, Qi2, and the importance of wireless charging here.

What phones have MagSafe?

Apple trademarked MagSafe technology in 2006 with the launch of the MacBook Pro. This ensures that no other devices could claim that they were MagSafe-compatible, as it is only technically true if the device was created by Apple. This is where the distinction between Qi and Qi2 comes into play. Qi2 (pronounced ‘chee-too’), also known as Qi v.2.0, is the newest advancement in wireless charging. It was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) to enhance charging efficiency through the use of improved magnet alignment. These two technologies share many similarities ever since Apple contributed part of its MagSafe technology secrets to the WPC to create Qi2. Both feature a 15W charging output and a ring of magnets that ensure proper alignment, cutting down on energy loss and overheating. The most notable difference is that Qi2 can be used across multiple phone types, such as Apple, Samsung, Android, and Google– MagSafe is a patented technology reserved only for Apple products. Read more about the similarities and differences between MagSafe and Qi here


  • iPhone 12 Series
  • iPhone 13 Series
  • iPhone 14 Series
  • iPhone 15 Series

Why Do I Need a MagSafe Accessory?

The number of MagSafe accessories available to you is expanding, and they all serve different purposes. From Ring Stands that enhance your grip and prop up your phone for content streaming to MagSafe Phone Wallets that carry your cash, cards, and ID in a sleek design on the back of your phone, there are many different ways that MagSafe accessories can elevate your everyday style. The Stick It! MagSafe Suction Phone Mount is the newest addition to our MagSafe collection— it changes how you take hands-free, stream content, or take group pictures with strong suction cups that mount to any smooth, flat surface. These are just a few examples, and the world of MagSafe accessories is constantly growing to make space for new and innovative designs. Keep your eye out— your dream MagSafe accessory might show up soon!

What Are the Benefits of Using MagSafe Accessories?

There are many reasons to switch to MagSafe accessories. The following are the key benefits of using MagSafe accessories to show off your unique style.

  1. The magnetic attachment in MagSafe creates a secure connection, preventing accidental detachment and reducing the amount of energy lost during other wireless charging methods.
  2. MagSafe accessories are designed to snap on and off for easy installation and removal. This is a better alternative to accessories with adhesive sticker backings because it does not destroy the back of your phone case, allowing you to use it longer.
  3. MagSafe accessories offer a sleek and minimalist design that complements your unique style and the aesthetics of your Apple device.

How To Attach MagSafe Accessories

The strong, built-in magnets in MagSafe accessories make attaching them straightforward. First, ensure that the device you want to connect it to has a MagSafe Phone Case or a MagSafe Ring Kit so that the magnet can properly attach. Then, simply let the magnets click together to form a secure connection. Once connected, the accessory will stay in place until you remove it. To detach the accessory, simply pull it away from the device with a gentle tug.


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Tips for Maximizing the Use of MagSafe Accessories

Once you find your favorite accessory, consider the following tips to keep them looking newer and functioning longer:

  • Keep your devices and accessories clean to ensure a strong magnetic connection.
  • Experiment with different MagSafe accessories to find the ones that best suit your needs and preferences.
  • Store your MagSafe accessories properly when not in use to prevent damage and maintain their functionality.
  • Once they’re attached, reduce how often you take them off. Constantly attaching and removing the accessories can wear down the built-in magnets.

How To Find The Perfect MagSafe Accessory For You?

MagSafe technology isn't just about charging your phone anymore; it's about making a statement, much like choosing the perfect pair of sneakers or that eye-catching tote. From its first appearance with the MacBook Pro to its sleek role in the latest iPhones, MagSafe has evolved from a tech feature to a lifestyle choice, bringing a dash of elegance and a whole lot of convenience to our everyday lives— it's all about making your tech work for you, not just in the practical sense, but in the fashion sense too. Find your favorite MagSafe accessory today— we promise you won’t regret it!