The Ultimate Guide: What Is Fast Charging?

The Ultimate Guide: What Is Fast Charging?

You hear a lot about fast charging phones these days, but exactly what does this mean? And more so, how does it work? In this guide, we break down all of your fast charging questions. We will teach fast charging and wireless fast charging, touching on Qi wireless charging, too. We will also discuss the fast charging standard of USB PD and talk about some of the common myths associated with fast charging and debunk your worries about overheating your phone with a fast-charging device. 

Last, but not least, we will break down a series of Case-Mate fast-charging phone accessories, including our FUEL line of USB-C power adapters, power banks and even our fast-charging wireless chargers and Power Discs. 

So, what is fast charging? Let’s get started and teach you everything there is to know.  


When you charge your phone or tablet with its regular USB port, it only receives 2.5 watts of power. Technically speaking, a fast-charging cable or accessory refers to anything that charges using 2.5 watts or higher. However, this is just not enough for today’s power-consuming phone users and all the time spent playing online games, taking photos and watching videos online. Instead, you need a higher wattage to really get the job done.

At the very least, you should be looking at 10 watts of power. To put things in perspective, an extremely fast charging speed would be at least 25 watts. (Hint: You’ll find this in Case-Mate power adapters.) For fast-charging something more extensive like a laptop, you’re looking at around 45 watts to 60 watts, depending on many variables like the processor and battery size. 


Since you might find lots of wireless fast-charging accessories and cables, let’s explore this a bit more in detail, too. Wireless charging is a lot like regular fast charging but uses Qi standard to transfer the power over airwaves from the charger to the device. 

When Qi was first used as wireless charging accessories, it wasn’t much to write home about, capping out at roughly 5 watts of power. Fortunately, there have been lots of advancements in what Qi wireless charging has to offer. Today, you can find Qi-enabled wireless chargers that provide up to 65 watts of power. Although, you may find it more commonly around 10 watts, which is perfectly sufficient for charging a smartphone device. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that — at least for now — Qi wireless charging is slower than simply plugging in your phone directly to a wire or a fast-charging power adapter. Even Apple’s latest proprietary MagSafe wireless charging technology charges at 15 watts. Compared to the iPhone 13’s fast-charge abilities when connected to a 20-watt adapter — a 50 percent charge in 30 minutes — it still doesn’t cut it. So for the fastest charge, a rapid-charging power adapter will do the trick, or at least a standard cable. 


Fast charging is different for each phone manufacturer. Apple and Google’s fast-charging methods and standards are different from Samsung’s. For instance, Apple and Google use the USB Power Delivery (also known as USB PD), while Samsung uses Samsung Adaptive Charging. Then, you have QualComm QuickCharge, too. At the end of the day, each standard is designed to give your phone the quickest boost possible whenever you need it most.

Each fast-charging system offers its own benefits and advantages. However, there is one standard fast-charging method that seems to be climbing the popularity ranks and that is the USB PD standard. Why is this exactly? USB PD has been the rapid charge of choice by the biggest names in the phone manufacturer industry, including Apple, Google, Samsung and more. USB PD is even used by some PC brands, as it’s actually fast enough to fast charge a laptop. 

USB PD is also very powerful. It can reach up to 100W, which is more than sufficient to rapid charge a smartphone device, but equally capable of charging an iPad or laptop, too. How fast is the USB PD? It can fully charge a device within an hour. 

Case in point: This is also the standard that Case-Mate uses for our fast-charging phone accessories like our wireless chargers, power adapters and more.  


This question gets asked a lot. After all, while your device is charging, it may even warm up. So what’s that all about and, more so, it is safe?

The assumption is that this warming and faster charge will strain or weaken the battery over time. But this simply isn’t true. Phone manufacturers and fast chargers are designed in such a way that they essentially boost your phone in two phases. With these two fast-charging phases, a phone can take on the initial boost — roughly 60 percent charge — using all its strength. Then, once it reaches this mid-way point, it reduces the intake to finish the charge. And it’s this second phase that keeps your phone from overheating. 

Using other chargers will also not damage your phone or its battery. Your phone is built for fast charging. You can even find detailed specs on your phone manufacturer’s website or manual. And so long as you use compatible — Qualcomm Quick Charge or USB Power Delivery certified — chargers made from reputable brands, it will work perfectly fine and never damage the battery or anything else. 


Are you looking for a few rapid-fast charging accessories? Explore everything we have to offer, including Case-Mate’s exclusive FUEL brand, a collection of wireless chargers, USB-C adapters and power banks to get you charged up as fast as possible while you’re on the go or at home. 

Wireless Chargers

While a wireless charger will not charge as fast as a cable connector and power adapter, it’s still a rather convenient phone accessory to have. Wireless chargers can free up desk space at work, keeping your surface tidy and clean. They also come in handy as a docking station on your bedside nightstand or dresser, propping up your phone so you can use it as an alarm clock or a way to start your day.

Furthermore, each of the fast-charging wireless chargers listed below offers fast charging up to 10 watts of power, which is all you need when your phone, AppleWatch or AirPods are being charged overnight. 

Power Discs

Case-Mate Power Discs are the perfect solution for when you want a clean surface area without cables cluttering it all up. Luckily, our Power Discs also offer rapid fast-charging up to 10W. Like the Power Pad, our Power Discs also feature an LED indicator to alert you that your phone is in position and boosting properly. Our Power Discs are also perfect for Qi-enabled iPhone and Samsung devices. Choose from several styles, including a minimal and classic gray Power Disc, a fashionable and sparkling Twinkle Power Disc and a Power Disc inspired by the colorful, floral prints by the Rifle Paper Co.

Fast-Charging FUEL USB-C Power Adapters

When you need to boost your iPhone or Android device quickly, our FUEL USB-C power adapters provide a rapid charge. In fact, each power adapter rapidly charges a USB-C PD-enabled phone. Offered in a range of wattages from 20W to 45W, you can choose the exact kind of power that you need for your phone or plug it into two separate 20W ports to split the difference. Each fast-charging FUEL power adapter also offers 100 to 240v input capacity. 

The 20W FUEL power adapter even features a convenient foldable plug, which means it will never catch inside your backpack and can stay clean and dry. 

Select our 45W USB-C FUEL power adapter to receive the USB-C to C cable that comes included. These rapid-fast adapters can even charge the latest 2021 iPads and MacBook Air and offer a smart power regulator. 

Explore all our wattages and port options:

The Case-Mate FUEL Power Bank

If you find yourself on the go a lot and need a rapid-fast charge pronto, check out our collection of power banks. One power bank in particular — the FUEL 20K mAh Power Bank — offers some of the fastest charging capabilities, outperforming all the rest. 

The FUEL Power Bank offers a high-capacity 20,000 mAh, along with all the charging ports you need. This power bank offers USB-C Ports along with two USB-A ports, and even a micro-USB input. Plus, with an LED charge display, you’ll know for sure that your devices are all being charged. 

The best part about this FUEL Power Bank portable charger is that it is super slim and lightweight, slipping into a backpack or even a purse effortlessly without weighing it down.


Whether you have a fast-charging device or are considering a type of fast-charging enabled phone, here are some extra tips and tricks that might come in handy.

Is your device not fast charging? Some phones and devices need to be enabled first. Samsungs, in particular, may require this extra step. Simply find the Settings app and choose:

Device → Maintenance → Battery → Advanced Settings 

From there, you can toggle on the fast charging. Be sure to also turn off the screen to begin fast charging.  

Another common reason your device might not be fast charging is that your software isn’t up to date. If you have enabled fast charging, try updating the software and restarting your device. 

How to tell if your device is fast charging. Apple’s iPhones fast charge automatically and are more discreet about it, so there’s not really a real indicator. However, Samsung will show a lightning bolt symbol on the screen. The Google Pixel and other phones may even state the word “fast” or “rapid” charging to let you know. 

Want a fast-charging phone? If your phone doesn’t support fast charging, you might want to consider an upgrade the next time you need to buy a new phone. 


If you are on the hunt for a rapid-fast charging accessory for your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel, we have what you need. Choose Case-Mate for your fast-charging phone accessories and then some. 

Need a Qi-compatible phone case for your wireless charging station or Power Disc? We have those, too! Check out MagSafe-enabled phone cases and MagSafe accessories, too.

Each fast-charging accessory is also certified USB Power Delivery, providing your device with a safe and effective charge. Many of our fast-charging products and phone accessories come with a one-year warranty, too.

Explore all our fast-charging products and phone cases today!

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