Top 4 Winter 2023 Trends: Tech Styling Tips

Top 4 Winter 2023 Trends: Tech Styling Tips

Best Winter Styling Tips

Go For The Classics

Winter completes the dormancy cycle, offering a rebirth to plants and animals come springtime. During this time of calmness, we find ourselves embracing the styles and habits we’ve held for most of our lives. This winter, get comfortable with classic styles like white button-downs and denim. Pair with neutrals to complete your own dormancy cycle and prepare for spring's bright colors.

Hands-Free Is Essential

Just because the animals get to hibernate this winter doesn’t mean you get to— your work, chores, and social agenda are alive and well. Pick up some accessories that make getting through the day so much easier. This season, we are leaning towards products that free up our hands so we can keep them warm in pockets and mittens while we prepare for a cool winter.

Don’t Be Afraid To Layer

Have you heard of the ‘frazzled English woman winter’ aesthetic? All the rage on TikTok, this look is comprised of claw clips with just the right amount of free-roaming hair, lipstick stain coffee mugs, comfy clothes, and layers. Typically topped with trench coats and blanket scarves, this adorable look embodies the comfort we seek during these chilly months.

Top Winter Fashion Trends

Power Dressing

From crisp white button-downs to the beloved flat— ‘power wear’ is in this season and a staple in your winter capsule wardrobe. The beauty behind power dressing is that you can seamlessly transition from 4 pm meetings to 8 pm dinner reservations without batting an eye or stopping home for a quick outfit change. Focusing on the boss babe energy we all want— you’ll need accessories that add to your classic and effortless style to achieve this OOTD-worthy look. Embrace neutrals and highlight your outfit with the Silicone Beige MagSafe Phone Case and the Silicone Black MagSafe Phone Case. Add on your favorite Phone Charm to complete the look.


What goes best with mid-calf trenchcoats and heavy blanket scarves? A Phone Crossbody that carries your phone by your side so you can keep your hands dug deep in your pockets. Fighting the chill may be delayed this year, but cool temperatures are coming, and that doesn’t mean you have the luxury of pausing your busy life. Get the accessory* that keeps up with you and allows you to bundle up with winter.

*Editor’s Pick: The Beige Rope Phone Crossbody is the perfect accessory for trench coats and blanket scarves— don’t forget your mittens!


Some days we want to be classic, and some days we want to be eclectic— and we won’t apologize. Change your mind all you want this season when you have the accessories to match all our aesthetics! But, when the time comes to accessorize, our go-to is stacking. Grab your Phone Charms and stack them onto your favorite Phone Case for the perfect effortlessly maximalist look!

*Editor’s Pick: Our favorite combo is the Crystal Pearl Phone Charm with Dainty Gold Chain Phone Charm— this pairing is perfect for the classy yet maximalist girl!

Florals And Mixed Metals

When your basics begin to bore you, and your cabin fever flares up— patterns are here to save your style. First forecasted by Vogue earlier this year, winter florals have been embraced worldwide as the go-to pattern for winter. Perfect for a night out with the girls or while bringing some life into your lounge couture, florals have become the fan-favorite for hibernal fashionistas. Pair with your well-loved neutrals, or mix with other patterns to breathe life into your winter capsule wardrobe. Our favorite combo for this category is the Floral Gems MagSafe Phone Case with the Dainty Gold Chain Phone Charm— stack with the Dainty Silver Chain Phone Charm for the perfect mixed-metal look!