New Year, New You: Top 5 Accessories For The New Year

New Year, New You: Top 5 Accessories For The New Year

Why Are New Year's Resolutions Important?

The new year is a time for us to reflect on our life, habits, and goals from the previous year and consider what we want from the future. During this time, it is essential to think about your success in the last year and expand upon those so that you can continue to grow. In 2024, we look forward to elevating our everyday experience through hassle-free accessories that make us feel good all day. Case-Mate has designed a series of must-have phone cases and accessories highlighting protection, style, and personality. So, take a peek into our top five picks for the new year and walk into 2024 with styles that feel true to you. 

Trending Accessories In 2024

Whether you’re looking to be more effortless in your styles or embracing accessorizing for yourself— these top five phone accessories are the perfect solutions for your New Year’s resolution. From chic phone cases to on-the-go accessories, explore essential pieces for 2024!

Touch of Pearl MagSafe Phone Case

Are you prioritizing peace in 2024? The Touch of Pearl MagSafe Phone Case is your perfect reminder of the natural world around you. Take a deep breath and picture sandy beaches and picture-worthy sunsets with this must-have phone case. Pair with the Silver Link Pearl Phone Charm to embrace your new coastal aesthetic.

Essential Phone Strap with Wallet

Was your goal for the new year to forget your essentials less? Keep your cards, cash, and IDs on your phone with the Essential Phone Strap with Wallet. Attach your keys and keep all your essentials around your wrist when running errands or traveling. Easily attach it to your phone case and remove it when ready for a change!

Floral Gems MagSafe Phone Case

Vogue said it first— we’re just reiterating that winter florals are all the rage. If you want to experiment with your style in the new year, here is where you start. The Floral Gems MagSafe Phone Case gives you a subtle pop of metallics to start your year in the most eye-catching way. Remind yourself of what the year holds with the blooming metallic florals, and test out your new-found love of accessorizing by pairing with must-have MagSafe Accessories and Phone Charms and Straps. Embrace the chaos and accessorize to the max!

Beige Rope Phone Crossbody

If you’re trying to cut ties with all things overwhelming this year— the Beige Rope Phone Crossbody is your solution to overstuffed hands and bulky bags that get caught on everything. Let’s ditch purses that won't stay on your shoulder, dropping your phone from carrying too much in your hands and the occasional lost phone. From your morning commute to your night on the town—these Phone Crossbodies are designed to elevate your everyday style.

AirTag Cases

Let 2024 be the year for staying on track. With our Apple AirTag Cases, you can easily track all your belongings— no more missing keys, luggage, or technology! Keep an eye on your essentials and ensure that no matter where you go, they will always be right where you need them.

How To Style Your Phone In 2024

The first thing you want to do when styling your phone is to ensure that you protect it from drops. You carry your phone with you everywhere all day, so accidents are bound to happen. At Case-Mate, each phone case starts with a 10-foot drop protection to ensure that you can keep your phone looking new for longer. After it’s protected comes the fun part— choose from various unique designs to showcase your aesthetic with phone cases and accessories! Share how you’re styling the New Year by tagging us on Instagram @casemate or TikTok @case.mate