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How to Clean Your Phone Screen the Right Way

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The best way to clean your phone screen is to slightly moisten a lint-free cloth with a bit of warm water and wipe it down from top to bottom.

We’re willing to bet your phone has been virtually everywhere you’ve been in the past week. Work, home, the gym, bars, restaurants, even public restrooms. That means it has had lot of opportunities to collect dirt, germs and grime that linger on the case, buttons and screen. Oh, and since the average American spends about 3.5 hours a day on their phone, you already know it’s a serious magnet for smudges and fingerprints galore.

Cleaning your phone screen is crucial to ensuring that you keep it free of dirt and germs and that you can see the beautiful display clearly. Nothing’s worse than a stubborn smudge right in the middle of your screen when you’re trying to watch your favorite show or scroll through photos! But how do you do it without leaving behind streaks and scratches or permanently damaging the display? It’s easier than you might think, so long as you keep it gentle.


Every phone manufacturer has their own set instructions for how to clean their phones. Make sure to check your maker’s guidelines before you begin so you don’t use the wrong cleaner and wind up damaging your phone or voiding your warranty. 


1. Prep your phone. Start by unplugging any cables and turning off your phone. Be sure to remove your phone’s case, as it might be preventing you from getting into the nooks and crannies along the side of the screen. For example, removing your iPhone case will allow you to reach along the line between the Retina display and the side of the phone. If your screen protector has cracked or you believe the smudges are under its surface, remove it and replace it with a new one after a deep clean.

2. Wipe with a moist cloth. Using a slightly water-dampened microfiber cloth, wipe the screen in a downward motion, beginning at the top. Your cloth should be only slightly wet so it dries immediately. Avoid getting moisture into any of the phone’s ports or openings. For deeper cleans, some phones can be cleaned with warm soapy water using mild dish detergent. For example, iPhones 11 and newer can be cleaned with a tiny amount of warm, soapy water due to the textured back glass, but most other phones should not be cleaned with soap.

Note: Never use any harsh cleaners on your phone’s screen. Avoid bleach, hydrogen peroxide, window cleaner, ammonia, compressed air and any cleaners containing detergents, abrasive agents or acids. These could ruin the protective coating on the screen and cause permanent damage.

3. If necessary, disinfect. Occasionally disinfecting your phone can help prevent you from collecting and transferring germs that could make you sick. Again, it’s important to check with your phone’s manufacturer to see what they recommend, but in general, it’s OK to wipe down the exterior surface of your phone using a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe. Do not use any disinfectant products containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Tip: Guard your phone with a Case-Mate case featuring MicroPel® Antimicrobial Case Protection.

4. Don’t forget the back, sides and lens. While you’re at it, why not give the rest of your phone a good wipe-down? Using your damp microfiber cloth, clean the sides and back of your phone. Take a dry microfiber cloth and wipe the front and back lenses to keep your photos from appearing cloudy. Gently blow into the phone’s charging port to get rid of dust.


Now that you’ve spiffed up your screen and tackled all the lingering smudges and surface debris, it’s time to seal in the shine with some preventative tips. Follow up every deep clean by shielding your phone with a new screen protector. We recommend keeping a clean, lint-free cloth in your wallet or purse to make sure you can spot clean, and wipe down as needed. Oh, and don’t forget to invest in a lens protector to keep your camera lenses in tip-top shape.


Your phone is, in essence, an extension of you. It quite literally helps you navigate through life, so it’s bound to collect some dirt and get smudged up. Keeping it clean is crucial to lengthening its life and keeping it in pristine condition for longer.