Fall Phone Accessories: How To Style Your Phone For Fall ‘23

Fall Phone Accessories: How To Style Your Phone For Fall ‘23

What Is Fall Style?

Fall style is different for everyone, and it can be tricky to discover your personal fall style.  The category feels expansive but is narrow enough to exclude major categories of accessories reserved for the summer and springtime. This is why you might be seeing people posting their fall capsule wardrobe— which is essentially a curated collection of pieces that are on rotation for each person in the fall months, creating an easy transition to styling the new season. A fall capsule wardrobe blocks off pieces for specific seasons and alleviates some of the stress of over-shopping and styling. This can also come in handy for phone accessories, especially as the autumnal color palette becomes more muted— you can select a few phone cases and accessories that match a majority of your capsule closet so that you don’t have to worry about your style clashing every time you carry around your phone. Regardless of how you style yourself this fall, it is always exciting to have an excuse for a closet refresh!

Fall Capsule Closet

Are you wondering how to find the perfect phone case and accessory for your favorite fall outfits? Take a peek at how we like to match these must-have fall Phone Accessories to our fall capsule closet!

Cable Knit Sweaters:

Despite its traditional tie to sailors, the cable knit sweater is a comfy closet staple for autumn-obsessed individuals worldwide. Whether hand-knit or purchased mid-summer in excitement for 60℉ weather, it adds a perfect coastal touch to an otherwise moody ensemble. Because of its ties to the chilly seaside, we chose to channel our dream vacation home in Maine with the Touch Of Pearl MagSafe Phone Case and Silver Link Pearl Phone Charm. Embrace sophisticated pearls and silver details that whisper luxury every time they catch the light.

Trench Coats:

When the wind starts to pick up, we need layers to keep ourselves warm against the autumn chill. But these layers won’t ruin your outfit! Starting with your favorite classic case like the Silicone Beige MagSafe Phone Case, snap on the Gold Link Chain Phone Charm alone or with the Crystal Pearl Phone Charm for an extra convenient layer. These phone charms carry your phone in a sleek chain design so that you can stay focused on enjoying all your favorite fall activities hands-free!

Black Leather Boots:

Fall is the time to be moody— the time to enjoy the chill in the air and the cool tones that come with it. Hence, black leather boots are hitting their peak in the autumn season. It’s obvious why— these moody kicks make the perfect crunch when stepping on crisp leaves and stand out against the orange and yellow leaf-covered pavement! To match this dark vibe, the Silicone Black MagSafe Phone Case is the perfect pick for its classic silhouette and moody air. Pair it with a phone crossbody or the Essential Phone Charm With Strap to carry your essentials so your hands are free for endless cups of coffee!

Metallic Accents

Just because the skies are grey, doesn’t mean you have to be. Vogue has been praising fall metallics for their ability to combat cloudy day blues, and now you have the perfect phone case to tie your look together. The Floral Gems MagSafe Phone Case features an embedded metallic shimmer in both gold and silver so you can have the best of both worlds no matter the outfit. Bring some sunshine to the new season with a subtle metallic sparkle!

Hopefully, these styling tips left you inspired and ready to enter the new season in style. If you took the extra step and got a new phone to cozy up with during the changing seasons, check out our newest iPhone 15 Cases!

We can’t wait to see how you style your phone (and yourself) for fall— tag us on Instagram @casemate so we can show you off!

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