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Charging Cables

We have all unlocked our phone screens to make an important call, only to realize there is little to no battery life left. When this happens, your priority shifts to restoring the device as soon as possible. Having a charging cable at hand and a place to plug it in is the easiest way to make sure your phone is always ready to make a call.

Of course, not all charging cables are created equal. To efficiently restore your phone to an operable state, you will want to acquire accessories with fast charging capabilities. Fast charging requires both a suitable charging cord and a power brick to take full advantage of the increased speeds. At Case-Mate, we have fast-charging cables and wall chargers for any situation.

A Cable for Every Device

Whether you have an Android phone or an Apple device, we have charging cables compatible with your setup. Android users require USB-C cables to fit the standard charging slot. iPhone fans must use lightning cables proprietary to Apple’s family of products. Our lightning cables come with a USB-C connection on the other end, so finding a place to plug in is simpler than ever before.

Always Stay on Top of Your Phone’s Battery Life

Each of our charging cords is easy to carry in a car or personal bag. Be sure to purchase the appropriate charging cable for your device and carry it with you daily. That way, you will always have the means to charge your devices, even when out of the house.