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BLOX Matte Black (Works with MagSafe) - iPhone 14 color::Black Front and back of BLOX case. color::Black
iPhone 14 BLOX Matte Black (MagSafe)
Sale price$40 USD

MagSafe Cases and Accessories

Make the most of Apple’s innovative MagSafe technology – with a MagSafe case from Case-Mate! Our Apple MagSafe cases are MagSafe compatible and designed to fit Apple MagSafe phones like our iPhone 14 MagSafe Cases and iPhone 13 Series MagSafe Cases. Plus, we also carry several MagSafe accessories that snap onto your iPhone case, including MagSafe card holders and wallet pockets, MagSafe ring grips and phone stands, and even covers for the MagSafe charger itself. Explore our complete collection of MagSafe phone cases and more today! 

Stylish and Versatile MagSafe Phone Cases

Case-Mate's MagSafe phone cases come in beautiful designs and patterns, from iridescent soap bubble styles to sparkles and holograms. We also carry a number of rugged Pelican MagSafe cases for those who live more active lifestyles. However, each MagSafe phone case is built to be super protective and able to withstand a 10-foot drop. And with MicroPel Antimicrobial and anti-scratch case protection, your MagSafe phone case stays clean and clear. 

With built-in magnets, Case-Mate MagSafe phone cases are designed to work with a MagSafe charger and all kinds of accessories. Simply snap the charger or accessory to the case and you’re good to go. Apple MagSafe cases are perfect for snapping your phone onto a hands-free phone holder when you get behind the wheel, too. Plus, a MagSafe phone case can offer you the fastest wireless charging experience! 

Shop All MagSafe Accessories and Phone Cases

Looking for more MagSafe accessories? Explore our entire collection to complete your phone and make it more functional for everyday use. Apple’s MagSafe technology is a wonderful and smart addition to their latest iPhone series. However, if you don’t yet have the latest iPhone models, we offer a huge collection of iPhone cases and Samsung cases, too. Shop Case-Mate for all your phone case and phone accessory needs!