Twinkle Ombre (Stardust) iPhone 13 Pro Max

Sale price$40 USD
Twinkle Ombre (Stardust) - iPhone 13 Pro Max color::Twinkle Stardust
@sweekli. Twinkle Ombre shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max. color::Twinkle Stardust
Features: raised edge to protect camera, shock absorbing materials, partially clear ombre style, raised edge for extra screen protection, one piece seamless design, iridescent silver flakes. color::Twinkle Stardust
*Protective clear case highlights the true color of your phone. color::Twinkle Stardust

Twinkle Ombre (Stardust)

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Sale price$40 USD

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Let your iPhone 13 Pro Max shine through while adding a little Twinkle! Twinkle Ombré Stardust is a spin on our classic Twinkle case, giving you a splash of our signature eye-catching, reflective glitter foil that changes at every angle.

SKU: CM046590-05

It's all in the details...

  • Embedded into a clear case creating a flat surface
  • Antimicrobial Case Protection
  • 10 ft drop protection
  • One-piece platform design
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Reflective foil
  • Lifetime warranty