Karat Petals iPhone XS Max

Sale price$35 USD
Karat Petals - iPhone XS color::Karat Petal Purple
Woman holding iPhone XS Max Case with purple and pink flowers suspended in clear resin. color::Karat Petal Purple
Genuine Dried Flowers. color::Karat Petal Purple
10 Foot Drop Protection. color::Karat Petal Purple
Genuine Flowers. color::Karat Petal Purple

Karat Petals

iPhone XS Max

Sale price$35 USD
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Anti-scratch technology works to preserve the intricate pattern while our signature metallic buttons emphasize the delicate petals. 

    SKU: CM037848

    It's all in the details...

    • 10 ft Drop Protection
    • Made with genuine flowers
    • One-piece platform design
    • Compatible with wireless charging
    • Refined metallic buttons
    • Flexible sides for enhanced grip
    • Lifetime warranty