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Power on-the-go! Never run on 5% again with the Power Pack. 

1 Year Warranty


This portable charger is slim, lightweight, and fast charging- the whole package! Using the USB charging cable for your device, plug the USB end into your Power Pack and the charging tip into your device and press the power on button. The LED lights will continue to display the amount of charge remaining as the Power Pack charges your device...super fast.  


  • Charges Apple and Android devices 

  • Two USB charging ports 

  • Fast device charging

  • 5000mAh Li-Poly Battery 

  • Dual USB Ports DC 2.1A / DC 1.0A

  • LED power level indicator 

  • 1 year warranty 


*USB charging cable for your device not included 




5000mAh Power Pack portable charger 


Micro USB charging cable 


One Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty

Case-Mate offers a One Year Limited Warranty on all products sold when the product is purchased through an authorized reseller with proof of purchase in new condition.

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