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8 Stylish and Unique iPhone Cases You Need to Buy

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With more than two billion iPhones having been sold since they launched in 2007, carrying an iPhone by itself isn’t much of a statement. In fact, you really have to put a case on your phone if you want it to stand out at all. And not just any case will do — it has to be special! Here are eight unique iPhone cases that will help you stand out from the crowd: 

Soap Bubble

One of our perennially best-selling cases is the Soap Bubble case, which is transparent and features a mesmerizing iridescent pattern similar to soap bubbles. The design catches the light at every angle, while the transparency allows you to show off your phone’s sleek body. The case is available for multiple phone models, including a MagSafe case option, so the odds are good that you’ll find a Soap Bubble case to fit whatever iPhone you have!

Garden Party Blue by Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. is known for its gorgeous floral designs, which is why we love our collaboration with them. While Rifle Paper Co. has designed a whole range of phone accessories for us, including chargers and grips, we wanted to call out their signature hard phone case, especially the Garden Party Blue case, which is our bestseller. The calming blue color palette goes with a wide range of outfits and the transparent background lets the color of your phone peek through.

Flip Holographic Case

This holographic LuMee case integrates a dimmable ring light that flips up for the perfect selfie lighting. The holographic case has cushion-protected corners with raised, soft TPU edges to protect the phone in case of a fall. You’ll never have to worry about leaving your ring light behind with this case!

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Brilliance Chandelier Case

If you love sparkle, but not the holographic, iridescent look, then you might enjoy this Brilliance Chandelier iPhone 13 case, which is another one of our best sellers. More than 800 genuine crystals form a vintage design that recalls antique chandeliers and gives the phone a unique texture. The case has a 10-foot drop protection rating and is MagSafe compatible for use with wireless charging accessories.

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Jelly Puff Case

Are you all about that Y2K aesthetic and living your best ’90s life? Then you’ll love our newly redesigned Jelly Puff line, which takes its design cues from the inflatable furniture of the era. The semi-transparent case features a jelly-like puffer texture, an integrated hard plastic cover over the lens and four ’90s-inspired pastel colors that go with phones of any shade. Your friends are sure to be jealous of this unique iPhone case, so don’t be surprised if they ask where you got it!

Tough Groove Iridescent

Rugged phone cases don’t always have to be boring black. Case in point: this delightfully colorful option features a grooved back to improve your grip and add texture. It’s also made of plant-based materials for a more environmentally friendly material. The one-piece design offers 10-foot drop protection and is wireless charging ready. If you travel a lot but want a colorful case, this is an option that you should consider.

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BLOX Marble Cases

Marble-patterned cases in pastel colors are an ever-popular pick, thanks to their refined designs. We especially love this line from BLOX. The marble patterns come in magenta, light blue, black and white and gray and gold. (The case is also available in solid colors if you’re more of a monochromatic person.) The square corners give the case a little extra something, and the one-piece seamless design features a raised edge to protect the camera. The cases are wireless charging compatible and feature a lifetime warranty so you can be confident in your purchase.

Graphic Phone Cases

If you prefer more of a graphic design, definitely check out our collection of phone case patterns, which features prints like glitter daisies, neon stars and cute dumplings. These printed cases are the perfect way to express your personality and make a bold statement without resorting to a more abstract pattern or design.

At Case-Mate, we offer high-quality cases and stylish designs that set our products apart from competitors. Pretty much all of our Case-Mate brands offer a limited lifetime warranty so you can buy with confidence. Place your order today and get free shipping on U.S. orders over $35 — and don’t forget to pick up a screen protector while you’re at it!